Serelay Idem provides a trusted channel between contributors and news rooms.  Being able to verify User Generated Content contributions in real-time means not only a more efficient and responsive newsroom but also one with brand new capabilities. Imagine, for example, the ability for an editor to define a geo-fence and a veracity threshold, and then being able to publish a live-verified feed for any given event as it unfolds.

Serelay Idem

Light and simple on-the-fly

A compact app size means Idem can be downloaded quickly, even over a non-optimal mobile data connection (for example, in response to a media call-out over social media channels). No user accounts, login or password allows for a speedy onboarding process which allows the user to start capturing verifiable media without any additional friction or delay.


Works anywhere

Unlike all other verify-at-capture solutions currently on the market – photos and videos captured on Idem are not stored on our servers for verification purposes. This means not only best-in-class privacy and data practices but also that a high-bandwidth data connection is not required to capture trusted media. We’ve built our tech to work anywhere – whether it’s a mass demonstration where cell towers struggle to cope or a desolate poor-reception area.

Serelay Idem

Comprehensive Results in under 30 seconds

Any photo or video captured on Idem (or any other Serelay product) can be queried for authenticity in under 30 seconds. Our thorough analysis will tell you whether as little as one pixel or frame has changed, whether the photo is of a valid 3D event (as opposed to someone taking a photo of their laptop screen) as well as validate time and location readings using real-time third-party datasets as well as our proprietary anomaly detection algorithms.

Document Your Checks

Accountability is important. We want to make sure that if an action you’ve taken based on our checks is challenged in the future you have effective means to deal with this, which is why we created Trust Certificates. We’ve taken the principles and format of a financial audit and used these to guide the structure of our comprehensive certificates, which allow you to share our assessment of a given media item alongside the evidence and methodology supporting these. Trust Certificates are designed to be independent documents – i.e. you can share them with third parties who are not Serelay users, and can be generated with a single click.

Idem White-label and SDK

The Idem app is a versatile and cost-effective first step towards testing and adopting Trusted Media Capture in your organisation. While it may very well be that it fulfils all your needs going forward, we recognise that in some cases you may want the same capabilities but with your own brand, and we offer two ways to do this.

With Idem white-label our team will take your brand guidelines and adopt Idem into an app your organisation can publish as part of its own suite of digital offerings.

While the Idem SDK provides our deepest integration option and enables you to adopt Trusted Media Capture capabilities into your existing app(s).

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