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Enable anyone, anywhere in the world to capture and submit photos and videos to your organisation. We’ll verify their content, time and location before they even land in your inbox or Google Drive, and if there are any problems we’ll flag them for you.

All usage tiers provide access to our full suite of checks.

Verification results come clearly visualised and, if needed also documented through an easy to use dashboard.

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Choose the plan that’s right for you


  • £599 per month paid monthly
  • 1 named user
  • Idem email integration Photos and videos sent to you via the Serelay Idem app will be forwarded to a specified email account


  • £1,249 per month paid monthly
  • 3 named users
  • Idem Google Drive integration Photos and videos sent to you via the Idem app will be uploaded to your organisational Google Drive.


  • £2,499 per month paid monthly
  • 5 named users
  • 1 floating license
  • Idem Google Drive integration
  • Optional PGP Encryption Photos and videos sent to you via the Idem app will be uploaded to your organisational Google Drive. Optionally, we can encrypt those files using a PGP (public) key you share with us.


How does Serelay Idem work?

When users capture a photo or video using the Serelay Idem app, we perform the capture in a way which allows us to query the photo or video at any point in the future. Such a query can tell us whether the media in question has been edited since capture, and where & when the original capture event took place.

How do Idem app users send me the photos and videos?

Idem users can upload photos and videos directly to you through the app. Furthermore, you can also send your photos and videos through any channel you are already using (email attachment, upload form on your website) just as long as this channel does not modify or compress the media.

Do you store user photos and videos on your servers?

No. In fact, we are the only verify-at-capture solution currently on the market which does not store a single photo or video on its servers for verification purposes.

Do you store personal data on your servers?

Serelay Idem does not employ user accounts or named users. You may specify that users who send you photos and videos via the Idem app provide their contact details, in which case we merely transmit them and do not retain the information.

We collect location information only in relation to photos and videos captured on the app, and this information is never linked to named users. For more details, see the Serelay Idem privacy policy.

Can you perform checks on photos and videos not captured on Serelay Idem?

Our dashboard will add Deepfake detection functionality in February 2020 (Deepfakes are fake photos and videos created by using AI). This will be available across all usage tiers at no additional costs. It should be noted that there is a significant gap between the level of confidence provided by such solutions (whether provided by Serelay or others) and that of a point-of-capture solution (such as Serelay Idem).


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