Serelay launches collaboration with Guardian News Media

23rd January 2020

We are happy to announce the first deployment of Serelay’s Trusted Media Capture (TMC) supporting an editorial desk running within one of the world’s most reputable news media organisations – Guardian News Media (GNM).

When considering the ideal launch partner, we looked for an organisation that has information veracity, freedom of expression, and data protection in its DNA. Clearly we could not have done better than GNM, the very embodiment of these values.

We’ve spent several months optimising our technology to assure newsroom-level veracity, while making sure that we are as transparent as possible about any data we collect, where we store it and how it is used (you can find it all here).

Through Serelay Idem (a free iOS and Android app), we now enable anyone, anywhere in the world to capture and submit photos and videos to Guardian News Media.

Verification Baked into the Transmission Process

Another reason we are very excited about this launch is that it fundamentally changes where verification sits in the pipeline. Usually, when a fake photo or Deepfake emerges which is significant or disturbing enough to warrant verification, it will then be downloaded and investigated.

But in this new architecture, when a user uploads media using the Serelay Idem app, verification happens in transit. In other words — while the transfer from a user’s mobile device to the editorial desk takes only a few seconds, during this transfer a large number of checks will be performed — we’ll assess whether as little as one pixel or one frame has been edited since capture, if so what is the nature of this change, whether we believe this media represents a real 3-dimensional scene or is a photo of a previously captured photo (aka rebroadcasting), to what extent we trust the media item’s time, location, and many other checks.

Uncharted territory

In many respects this is uncharted territory. We’ll do our best to openly share our learnings, please follow our twitter feed at @serelaytech for updates.




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