Serelay chosen a 2020 ConnectTVT Game-Changer

28th February 2020

We’re happy to share that Serelay has been chosen as a ConnectTVT game changer. The award is given annually to 50 game-changing businesses, startups and social initiatives, and this is Serelay’s second time of being included in this exclusive list. More →

Serelay launches collaboration with Guardian News Media

23rd January 2020

We are happy to announce the first deployment of Serelay’s Trusted Media Capture (TMC) supporting an editorial desk running within one of the world’s most reputable news media organisations – Guardian News Media (GNM). More →

Serelay attends inaugural Content Authenticity Initiative Summit at Adobe HQ

21st January 2020

On January 23, the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), developed by Adobe, The New York Times Company and Twitter, hosted a kick-off summit at Adobe Headquarters in San Jose to explore this complex issue and advance the mission to develop an industry standard for digital content attribution and authenticity. More →

Serelay Presents in first ever Conference for Trust and Truth Online, London

4th October 2019

The inaugural Conference for Truth and Trust Online is organised as a unique collaboration between practitioners, technologists, academics and platforms, to share, discuss, and collaborate on useful technical innovations and research in the space. More →

Serelay Presents to UK Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt

18th July 2019

During his visit today to Founders Forum in London earlier this week, we welcomed the opportunity to present to UK secretary of state Jeremy Hunt and to discuss our efforts to tackle visual misinformation at scale. More →

Serelay participates in the inaugural meeting of Facebook’s EU Platform Advisory Council

13th June 2019

This week we welcomed the invitation to participate in the inaugural meeting of Facebook’s EU Platform Advisory Council held in Facebook’s Paris, HQ. More →

Serelay invited to 10 Downing Street reception

12th June 2019

This week Serelay was honoured to participate in a reception bringing together leaders in the UK’s technology ecosystem. More →

Serelay wins TechNation Rising Star Award

5th March 2019

We’re excited to share that Serelay is a proud winner of the TechNation Rising star award. Rising Stars is the UK’s only truly national startup competition, designed to showcase and raise the profile of the best early-stage tech companies from all areas of the country. More →

Serelay graduates European Space Agency Incubation Programme

18th December 2018

We’re happy to share that Serelay has graduated from the European Space Agency’s business incubation programme. More →


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