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React automatically fingerprints every new photo you snap. If you later want or need to prove that a photo’s content, time and location are real you can do so with just a few clicks. We call this process ‘certification’.

Install the app once and turn on ‘Reactive Mode’. You can then forget about the app, and come back to it only when you need to ‘certify’ a photo. Meanwhile, React will be working in the background to augment your phone’s stock camera with this capability.

To ‘certify’ a photo all you need to do is open the React app, choose the photo from the gallery and click the ‘certify’ icon. You’re always in control of how precise you’d like the time and location for this certification to be. React then generates an immediate copy of your photo with an embedded verification link. Anyone you share this new photo with will be able to verify the photo’s content, time and location by visiting this link.

Private by design

We take privacy ridiculously seriously. There is no sign-up or registration after downloading the app – so we don’t know who you are or even keep your email address. Your photos will never leave your phone, unless you choose to share them. We do need to record your location occasionally so that we can ‘certify’ your photos’ location, but each location we capture is linked to a specific photo, not to you or even to your device.

Help us make a difference

One last note – fake photos and videos are becoming increasingly sophisticated and pose potential serious harm to our society – anything from ‘fake news’ through to their use in many forms of fraud and manipulation. Every photo React ‘fingerprints’ helps us build better defenses against fake photos and videos – so we’d like to take a minute to thank you for playing a role in this.

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